Friday, 17 March 2017

Hey guys! Long time no see, right? I could sit here and make excuses for my absence, but 1) I can't be bothered and 2) I'd rather just get into a brand new post! Today I have a book review for you, and expect to see many more (there should be one coming for Caraval very soon) because I fucking love books, and I want to write about them. Simple as. Most of my reviews are also featured on my Goodreads, so you can read them there or here, but preferably here, because your girl wants the views. ANYWAY.

Okay. So I finished this book waaaay back on the 7th of March (not actually that long ago but shh). It took me till now (16th) to get my head around my feelings and emotions and basically to recover from this book, and here I am, now thinking about what I want to say about it, and getting the urge to read it again. 

That's how good this book was.

The premise is basically a cat lover's dream - cats on the streets of Old Delhi, who are part of a clan and can literally communicate telepathically/through their whiskers. Their relative calmness is interrupted by the arrival of a kitten, who is what's called a Sender, meaning this kitten can essentially send out messages and pictures etc to every animal within a certain radius - but our little kitty doesn't really get it. Then we have lots of drama with other cats and other animals, and some of my favourite non-cat animals are the tigers in the local zoo, and Kirri the mongoose. 

So it sounds pretty weird and niche, right? 

WRONG. So wrong. In fact, this book could definitely be enjoyed by anyone. It's just so bloody beautiful and moving, you totally forget about the subject. It's basically the equivalent of watching that relaxing and beautiful outdoorsy music on Youtube, it's super inspiring and just...lovely. It's extremely well written and I think every reader would get something different out of it. All of the characters are well-developed and interesting to hear about, and the book shifts from different perspectives so as to ensure the reader doesn't get bored (not that you could in this world). It also makes you wonder about how animals communicate in the real world, which has led to some fun daydreams for me. 

Also. It has chapter titles. Probably not a big deal to most of you, but I for one remember when every book was basically required to have them - now it's all just 1, 2, 3, or Roman numerals if you're super fancy (or pretentious). But Roy has actually put work into thinking up creative chapter titles. I don't know, I dig that sort of stuff. It shows the author has really poured their heart and soul into what they've written. 

Also also - it reminds me of the like middle grade series Warrior Cats. Anyone read that? With Rusty/Firepaw? That series meant so much to me, even though looking back it was a bit weird. The Wildings is basically an actually good version of that. 

Anyway...tldr; this book was fucking amazing and you should go buy it right now. Thank me later.

Charlie CP xx

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