Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Hey loves! Today I have an unboxing/review of a subscription box I've not seen much about, in the blogging world on on Booktube. With the world and her wife having an affiliation with Cratejoy, this is a huge surprise to me, so I thought I'd do one myself! Read on if you want to know more about it.


Bookvoyage is from, what I understand, a relatively new box service. It's based in the UK, which was basically what sold it to me, and it's only £14.99, which is pretty good in the subscription box market. I love subscription boxes, although I struggle to afford them being a student, so this seemed like a bargain to me!

The premise of the box is basically a voyage around the world with books. Each month, you get a country as a theme, a book set in that country, and then either coffee or tea, and a snack from the country too. I somehow bypassed this when I ordered mine, which led to me being disappointed when I opened the box - but it does say it plain and simple on the website!

This month was India. As you can see, I got a cute little India bookmark with a picture of the Taj Mahal on, which is a nice touch - you always need a good bookmark. 

With it, I also got some Twinings Spicy Chai tea. Personally, I bloody hate tea, so will be saving this for guests - but it smells really lovely and I definitely associate it with India. I also got a bag of Bombay mix, which I thought was a little stereotypical, and unfortunately I don't like that either, so I'll pass it onto a housemate. 

Onto the book...This month, we received Fasting, Feasting by Anita Desai. I'd not heard of this before, but that's no surprise considering it was first published in 1999. From what I understand, it is known for being a good book, which makes me excited to read it. It tells the story of Uma, a girl living in India with her overbearing parents, her sister Aruna, and her brother Arun, who is across the pond studying in America. I guess it strikes me as kind of a coming of age/self discovery type book, but not much is given away from the blurb. I'll definitely give it a read, even if just to get a look into life in India.


For me, this box wasn't worth my money. To start off with, I was led to believe it would be shipping on the 1st of March, and by the 13th with no box, I was worried and sent an email. The next day, we were told they would be shipping this month's boxes on the 15th instead, and I didn't get a personal reply to my email. 

I was also a little disappointed with the contents - I paid fifteen quid for some teabags and Bombay mix I could get down at Aldi. I do like the book choice, but I'm not dying to pick it up. I hate to, ahem, shit all over this box, because it seems like a swell idea, but it just didn't live up to my expectations. It certainly has nothing on other book boxes on the market, albeit an original idea. It's just not harnessing the potential of the idea, though. I unsubscribed from this box straightaway, but would consider trying it again in future if I had more money to burn, and I don't regret buying it once.

Have you tried this box?

Charlie xx


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