Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Hey loves! Here I am, finally, with a fashion post. I recently went to Westfield and bought a few outfits and thought why not do a try on haul? I have a few other bits and pieces to show you in other posts, but here's the majority of clothes I bought! This was super fun to shoot with my best friend Nat (who is an absolute star) but it was also super WEIRD and strange men kept looking at me like "what you doing gurl?". EFF THE HATERS THOUGH. If you're thinking about doing a fashion post like this, do it. You don't have to be a model, you just gotta be feeling yourself. Grab a friend and your camera and go. Wannabe motivational attempts aside...here's the haul! All prices & links will be listed at the bottom.

The main focus here is my jacket, which is from Stradivarius. It's kind of like a silky bomber/cardigan hybrid, and I just couldn't resist the gorgeous pattern on it. It's not usually something I would go for, but I took a chance and am so glad I did!

I also couldn't resist picking up the new Ivy Park sliders, and I've also got the hoodie and joggers coming in the mail. Ya girl gonna have the full Ivy Park set (and I'm lowkey going to be wearing it every damn day). 

This is my favourite piece I bought! It's from the H&M Loves Coachella range and it's just a really simple, gorgeous floaty maxi dress. It's got a bit of a Greek goddess/Western vibe to it which I'm totally here for. It zips up at the side and has a cross back string to tighten it if necessary. The only downside to this dress is that it cinches in at the waist, which fits my waist - but getting it over my breasts is a bit of a struggle, and I have to wear a soft lace bra with it to get it over. Also, as you can see the outline of my underwear, it's see through. For me, that's no biggie, but bear that in mind if you want to buy it!

This dress is from H&M as well, and isn't something I'd usually go for, as I don't really like floral dresses. But my boyfriend was begging me to get something a little colourful, and I liked this on me the best so I got it. It also matches my little rose tattoo. Personally I don't feel like this is really flattering on my figure, as I have a large chest and small waist, so I tend to look a little bigger than I am in some items, but I do like that it's quite short, and has 3/4 sleeves.  And just because I don't think it's the most flattering is not to say I don't like it on me, because I really do. It's very soft and thin material too, so perfect for summer.

Finally I bought this top, from the same range as the maxi dress and paired it with my Levi shorts. I really like the tassles at the bottom of this top because they give it a bit of a boho edge. Also, big thanks to my friend Jess who lent me her Birkenstocks for this shoot!

What was your favourite look?

Charlie CP x

JACKET - £25.99
MAXI DRESS - £19.99
ROSE DRESS - £14.99
TOP - £14.99


  1. Oh my gosh your figure is so gorgeous!!! And I love that maxi dress, it's super cute! Props to you for doing photos in public, haha I'm too scared, all my fashion posts are taken in my garden!! Xxx


    1. Thank you love!! It was pretty scary but it was the middle of the afternoon so not many people were there on a weekday!! xx

  2. I absolutely love that maxi dress, it's so gorgeous! The fact that it's see through will probably prevent me from buying it, but it definitely looks like the perfect piece for summer <3

    1. Yeah the see through-ness is a bit of a let down but I love it anyway!!! xx

  3. Sat here cryin at your figure hahaha that H&M dress looks absolutely amazing on you, u r a goddess

  4. Replies
    1. I actually wrote in this post werk werk werk but deleted it LOOOL

  5. You go girl!

  6. Oh my GOD you look amazing! Love the maxi dress it's sooooo pretty! X