Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Hey loves! Here I am, finally, with a fashion post. I recently went to Westfield and bought a few outfits and thought why not do a try on haul? I have a few other bits and pieces to show you in other posts, but here's the majority of clothes I bought! This was super fun to shoot with my best friend Nat (who is an absolute star) but it was also super WEIRD and strange men kept looking at me like "what you doing gurl?". EFF THE HATERS THOUGH. If you're thinking about doing a fashion post like this, do it. You don't have to be a model, you just gotta be feeling yourself. Grab a friend and your camera and go. Wannabe motivational attempts aside...here's the haul! All prices & links will be listed at the bottom.


Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Something I've realised I don't post about a lot is books - which is weird, because I am a certified book worm who spent most of her childhood knee deep in the things. Somewhere between puberty and where I am now, I stopped picking up books so often. Apparently this is normal, since basically everyone I've encountered has said the same! However, I'm back in my bookish phase and recently went to the library to grab a few; one of them being Black Cairn Point. I finished this book in an hour, at 3am, and I promptly text everyone I know, saying something along the lines of: OMG SJDKJF THIS BOOK I JUST READ MESSED ME THE FUCK UP. 'Scuse the language. 
So naturally, I had to review it.