Thursday, 3 March 2016

Today's post is the product of my frantic search for something a bit more fresh than a favourites post - but the truth is, it's really just a glorified one of them, which shows how imaginative I am! Nevertheless, I really wanted to talk about my month so here's my February Round Up, with details of what I've been loving, reading, doing and what's to come in March!


Firstly I'll get the beauty faves out of the way! I've tried a few new products this month, but these have really stuck out for me.

I reviewed the two Nyx glosses here in detail, including lip swatches. I've fallen in love with them, despite them being a bit on the sticky side!

The Mac Studio Sculpt foundation in the shade NC15 is my new go to foundation. I'll be talking about this more in a later post on finding your favourite foundation, but for me, it's always been so hard to find a foundation that matches my skin colour and doesn't make my skin look nasty. Along the way I've picked up a lot of tips, so look out for that!

Finally, I love this adorable Kiko lip balm that I won, along with a bunch of other goodies, from Arianna Chatz.

As for non-beauty faves, these have really stuck out to me. On the left is a weekly planner I bought from Etsy. If you follow me on Twitter you'll know the week before last I was fussing over finding the perfect planner. Well, I've found it! This is undated, so I don't have to use it every week, and I don't have to waste half of it by buying it in the middle of the year. It has everything helpful listed inside and I'd definitely recommend it to all my blogger pals! Also, I love the design - I am so mad about the ocean, and this wavy illustration is gorg. 

I talked briefly about the eye mask in my H&M Homeware Haul, but it's been helping me get to sleep a lot better, so I thought I'd put it here too. The other night my boyfriend stayed round, and I couldn't find it before we went to bed - of course, me being me, I couldn't just not sleep with it, so I made him help me search for half an hour (which involved him moving the bed). Kinda obsessed with this thing.

It's really hard to capture the beauty of these Firmoo sunglasses they kindly sent to me. I'm going to feature them in outfit posts soon so you can see them better, but I had to mention them here because they're just classic! 

Finally, I've been loving Lost. I'm only on season 2 so far because my boyfriend and I are watching together, but it's so mysterious and thrilling and I really fancy Daniel Dae Kim. I could watch this show forever. If you haven't seen it yet, definitely watch it!


February has been a bad month for me and reading. I barely read anything until the last week, and then I powered through The Martian by Andy Weir in like three days. I loved this book as much as I loved the movie! It's really funny, but it does kind of get off to a slow start with a load of scientific jargon people like me don't really understand. However, it soon gets really good and thrilling so I'd definitely recommend!

I also started reading How to be Parisian, mostly because I wanted to put it in Instagram pictures. You know the drill. I'm not sure I love the content, but it does have some funny bits!


The highlight of this month was definitely Valentine's Day - my boyfriend and I had a pre-Valentine's celebration on the Friday, where we went to Woburn Safari Park and had dinner out. That was really fun and I have so many funny stories about monkeys and poop now (but I'll spare you them). Then on actual Valentine's we went to Bill's, which was where we had our first date, and that was really lovely too! I was really treated.

Near the end of the month, me and a few other #norwichbloggers went to the menu launch at Cuba de Revolution. We got a ton of free food which was delicious, and had a Mojito Masterclass (I even won a race to make them). Thanks to Cuba Revs for having us!


Finally, here's the lowdown on what's to come from me in March. I'm trying a few new beauty products, such as the Revlon mascaras, so expect reviews on them, as well as the new L'Oreal range. As for posts, I'm going to be posting on how to find your perfect foundation, a few more outfit posts, and another couple of surprises, so stay tuned for those! I'll also be sorting out my March advertisers, so be ready to check out some fab blogs on my sidebar!

Thanks for reading and I hope you all had a fab February!

Charlie CP xx


  1. The eye mask is so pretty! The sunglasses are really cute as well :) xx

  2. That kiko lip balm looks so cute, love the packaging. Perfect february favourite haha. And lovin' those sunglasses <3

    Valentina from FASHION with VALENTINA.

  3. ok, now i think i need to buy this products! lol!

  4. The lip balm sounds lovely. Loving the look of those sunglasses too! And the planner looks really nice :)

    Hana | www.hanarosella.blogspot.co.uk ♥

  5. Those sunglasses r beaut, and hahahah that book makes such a good photo;) I Can't wait for all your future posts and to see those amazing bloggers in your sidebar ;)

  6. I absolutely love the martian, I've read the book but not seen the film yet but its high up on my list of things to watch!

    Abigail Alice x | Latest: The Best Liquid Lipsticks

  7. Would say Studio Sculpt is more matte than Studio Fix? I'm so torn between the two as I'm after a full coverage foundation. Love your blog! xx