Friday, 5 February 2016

Okay, okay. I'm using the term 'gift guide' pretty loosely. This post is essentially just the random mushy Valentine's Day crap I've bought for my boyfriend this year. But I asked if you guys wanted to see it, and everyone said yes, so here we go! And on the plus side, it all photographs really well

For Valentine's Day, I usually buy a bunch of this kinda stuff - the cheap, cliche things that are cute for the day, and then a proper gift. I'm not sure what I'll be buying Ben this year, but it'll probably be some new Calvin Klein boxers or something, since I went a little overboard on the cutesy stuff! Unfortunately he has to work on the actual day, but we're celebrating on the Friday beforehand and he finishes work at 5ish, so we'll be going out for dinner and exchanging presents after!

Above you can see two photo frames I bought from Tiger for like £3 each. I'm going to get the same picture of us printed and put in both, and give him one - the other's for me. Not sure which one I'll keep...probably the black one. Because it's black. As a side note, how cute are the drawings inside?!

I couldn't resist this Couples Trivia from Asda. I don't want to open it yet so I'm not sure what the questions inside are, but for Ben's sake, I hope he gets them right and knows me enough! Around it you can see one of the many heart shaped candles I bought for decoration on the day, as well as some fake Rose petals and heart sprinkles. The candles were from Asda, the heart confetti was from Clintons, and the petals were from Tesco!

Kiss Coupons!! These are adorable and I couldn't resist buying them. I'm not gonna lie, I kinda want these for myself, just because they look really nice and would make good decoration on my pinboard at uni. Straight after I came out of Tiger I text Ben and was like, "oh, Tiger has some super awesome...amazing...cute Valentine's stuff". We'll see if he gets the hint. 

The two crackers are from Tesco and once again, I couldn't resist these. I'm really a big mess when it comes to stuff. Like, I just love to buy it. If it's cheap I see it as a bargain and have to have it. That's how I ended up with so much for Valentine's in the space of like three days. But the crackers are especially great because I love Christmas crackers! I don't know what exactly is in them, but they say 18+ get the idea!

I've always wanted a pair of these kind of die...dice? Dices? I'm not sure on the proper English! These were from Asda as well and they'll definitely provide some entertainment - neither of us will probably take them very seriously!

Okay, so there's three cards here. No, I don't have three boyfriends, but the woman in Clintons probably thinks I'm some kind of serial dater. Each card has a story behind it...from left to right:
The dog card is for Ben because we have this running joke that when we live together, I want a dog. He doesn't. We've both agreed on lots of cats, but I want a cute little Dachschund or French Bulldog! I always tag him in cute dog videos on Facebook to try and convince him, so this cute card might help. I may even write it from our future dog. I'm sad like that.
The middle card is a card from a cat and it's for my mum! We love our cat and she always gets me Valentine's presents so I thought this year I'd return the favour with a cute card from me and Zeke (the kitty in question).
The last card is just a standard card for Ben that I bought because it's really cute and looks nice. Paperchase have some really amazing ones too if you're looking!

Lastly, I got us this puzzle because we're both boring old people and would probably enjoy doing a puzzle of an evening. It looks like it's going to be impossible and we'll probably never finish...but I'll keep you updated.

I'd love to know what you guys are doing for Valentine's - or Galentine's! This is one of my favourite holidays whether I'm in a relationship or not, it's always super fun!

Charlie CP xx


  1. I've been looking forward to this post!:) your photos are so pretty, everything's so red and festive! You are such a lovely girlfriend everything you picked up is such a good idea and great gifts! I love the cards too, I'm a crazy dog lady lol! I hope you and your boyfriend have a lovely valentines xxxxxx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  2. There's so much red in this! (My favorite color).

    "No, I don't have three boyfriends." I giggled at that! I'm doing Galentine's Day with girls instead of something with my boyfriend. Been doing that for the past few years and it's awesome!

    1. I KNOW. It was so easy to photograph hahaha. Ooh that sounds like fun! Let me know what you do!

  3. Great choices for valentine's day, Would you like to follow each other? if you decided to follow me on BLOGLOVIN and Instagram please let me know so I can follow you back. Thank you.

  4. I love this post - Tiger is definitely one of my favourite shops when it comes round to getting presents :)

    From Megan x

  5. I only discovered Tiger on Thursday, it is sooo cute. I had to withhold myself from buying so much stuff. I love the cutesy gifts too, my boyfriend always buys me them and I hoard them.. I really do ahhah. They're a fun way to do Valentines x

    Tamz |