Wednesday, 27 January 2016

My sense of style and identity is something I've always struggled with. I've been through every phase under the sun - tomboy, scene, emo, chav, Jack Wills*, hippie, name it, I've probably tried to be it. A constant has always been a rock and roll kinda vibe - I've always liked darker patterns and clothes. This past winter/autumn I've almost been exclusively dressing in black and white, and I love it. I love minimalism, with a Parisian/rock chic edge to it - give me all the distressed black denim, white shirts, Chelsea boots & pleather. I also love silver hardware at the moment too - gold is nice, but I'm kinda over it. However, recently I've added a new colour to the mix, and I just wanted to post about it because I'm finally happy in (most) of my outfits!

Honestly I think I started loving lilac when Victoria/@inthefrow had lilac hair. I just noticed and thought, "well, there's my favourite colour". It also happens to look super cool with my entirely black and white wardrobe.

At the top there is a Lush bubble bar called 'A French Kiss' which clearly, I haven't used yet. But it smells so glorious - it's lavender scented, as it has a bit of the plant in it. It's sitting in my room at the moment, acting like an air freshener because it's so strongly scented. I'll use it at the weekend when I go home, and you'll almost definitely see a picture of it in use on my Instagram feed. I've only just got into bath bombs, and the two I've had have not photographed well at all (totally didn't match my theme) but I've got high hopes for this one! Third time lucky eh?

Underneath are two products I posted about yesterday, and to be quite honest, I literally just put them in because they're lilac. But you know, this obsession is taking over my whole life, not just my wardrobe. 

Skinnydip is my new favourite brand, and I got both of these from there. The bottom product is a pouch that came with stickers, but I didn't want to use them on the bag as I loved the minimalism of it. I don't know exactly what I need a pouch for, but at the moment, I keep my iPad in it, and I just love admiring the colour. 

The purse is a slightly different shade of lilac, but lilac nonetheless, and it has silver hardware (heart eye emoji). I've been looking for a new purse ever since my favourite khaki one from Paris broke (so like three months!!) but I couldn't find the perfect one. I've definitely found it now though.

Inside it has a zip pouch for coins, which is small but good as I rarely carry actual money, and then six card slots. 

If you follow me on my Twitter, you'll know I've been longing for a lilac coat forever. I've ordered a few and they've not been right, but this one from Select is so perfect and I wear it literally everyday. I wanted to get a good picture of me wearing it, but I couldn't get it to photograph well outside, so for a better look, see here.

I also have a pair of lilac New Balance trainers which are so comfy but a bit mucky, hence why they didn't make the picture. #bloggingproblems

Finally...I dyed my hair lilac on Monday. Not completely lilac, and only semi permanently - the blonde bits in my ombre are now lilac...for 2-10 washes. Honestly, I dig it.

Bit of a random post, but I hope you enjoyed it. Do you have any weird fashion obsessions?

- Charlie CP xx


  1. Aaaaah, I'm the epitome of the heart eyes emoji over this post! I love a minimalistic black and white style with flashes of lilac and silver, it can be so classic. I adore the coat too, it looks gorgeous! (Love that everything you've included are such complimentary shades of lilac too!)

    Corinne x

  2. Loveeee this!! You have made me love the colour Lilac now, I don't think I own anything this colour, so I think a shopping trip is on the agenda!! I love your hair, it really suits you btw! I can't wait to see photos of the Lush products, I'm waaay too obsessed with Lush. At the minute my fashion obsessions are turtle necks and boots, I.can' haha I'm addicted! xxx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. YESSSSSSS. Omg please do it and show me what you buy!! I feel you on the boots thing though!

  3. If you were a bloke, my housemate would propose to you right then and there. He absolutely loves the colour purple. The photos are absolutely gorgeous, wonderfully paired with the distressed wood, just perfect <3 I'm more partial to green, as indicated on my blog, haha.


    1. Hahaha this is by far the best comment I've ever received!! Thank you lovely!

  4. I getcha about the phases. I feel like I'm always trying to be something, unsure of what i actually am. I like all these things in lilac. I could have a similar post but everything would be grey.
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. I love a bit of grey too. And khaki. BUT NOTHING BEATS THE LILAC

  5. Lilac has always been one of my favourite colours, such a pretty shade of purple. Loved this post !!

    Zeynab x
    The Beauty Load

  6. Wow literally love your pictures ! Lilac is a such pretty colour, perfect for winter/spring season ! Also love your blog ! <3

    Suzanne xx
    Check my blog :

  7. These purple shades is just *HEART EYES*. My room is like purple but the end of last year I've been changing up my room to pink but still love purple! In love with your coat!! I'm definitely obsessing with rose gold everything right now!

    Anna Czarina Blog