Friday, 1 January 2016

2015 has, not gonna lie, probably been one of my best and worst years yet. But it's over now, and I thought, why not reflect in a blog post? So whilst I pick apart my year, try to weed out the good parts to take into 2016 with me and get a bit personal, I hope you enjoy reading something a little different to my usual bumbling over makeup.

J A N U A R Y - F E B R U A R Y

These two months are long forgotten - I was enduring the end of an abusive relationship and nothing really good happened until I broke it off at the end of February. I don't want to darken anyone's mood so I won't go into the details, but if you're suffering/have suffered from anything similar, feel free to slide into my DMs or drop me an email if you want to chat. I know I definitely felt such a huge weight lifted off my shoulders in January when I finally told people what had been going on.

M A R C H 

On a much lighter note, this was one of the better months of the year for me. I was fresh out of a nasty relationship, and free to see my friends all the time and do whatever I wanted. I had a lot of fun just regaining my old self confidence and realising I was actually a bad bitch. Also, I started my blog! I can't believe it was that long ago - probably because I regularly posted for like two months and then started sporadically disappearing...but hey ho, I'm here now. If you want a little laugh, here's my first post - complete with dodgy photography and tiny images.

A P R I L 

Another month, full of basically the same as March, The highlight was probably visiting my best friend Char in Brighton. I did a good ol' photo post on it, which you can see right here. Shout out to Char, who is my literal rock. Hopefully one day she will actually start a blog too!

M A Y 

As if I'm writing about May already?! This was a harder month, due to something we'd loosely define as romance, but also exams were looming. I think the run up to exams is much scarier than the actual exams. I can definitely tell you I did no revision in May for my June exams. I was at the end of sixth form, which was a bad experience for me in general, and I just had no motivation. Spoiler alert: I made it out okay.

J U N E 

This month was a hot blur. I think it was really good, because it was sunny and lovely. I had A2 exams, all of which were 9ams, so I got up at 4am everyday and revised right before the exam. I remember thinking they went well. I also started seeing Ben, my lovely boyfriend, in this month. The first time we went out was on the 11th, and we went to this huge park near us. It was so adorable, we just sat on a little blanket in the middle chatting for the afternoon. It was the day of my English Lit exam and I was absolutely exhausted from being up since 4am, but it was really lovely all the same.

J U L Y 

I started this month in Prague, which is my favourite city to date. I went with Char, to celebrate the end of my exams, and just because we both wanted to travel. It was also super cheap. This was seriously probably my favourite experience of 2015 - it was truly amazing just to be abroad, in such a hot beautiful city with my best friend. I would love to go back every year, but I have the rest of the world to explore. I have a full post about it here.

Ben and me at mini golf
A U G U S T 

This month I spent doing lovely summery things with Ben and my friends, and just having a really good time. I got my A level results - ABB - which I was really disappointed with, but I got into my uni of choice to study history, so I couldn't really knock it. I also made the decision that I wanted to move into uni halls, rather than stay at home (I live like 10 minutes away), so I applied for those. 

My mum and me in Paris
S E P T E M B E R 

I went to Paris with Mum in early September, which was really lovely. We saw all the main sights, and went up the Eiffel Tower. Notre Dame was definitely my favourite though. It was so breathtaking. Then, the rest of September was just a waiting game...I didn't get to move into uni until the 21st. I was really disappointed with my halls, as they were the only ones off campus, and seemed to be the ugliest ones too. But when I got there, it wasn't that bad, and by the end of the month I knew it was the best decision ever. Unlike most halls, our flats are smaller (5 per) and we only have 24 flats across two buildings. Plus, because we're all off campus, there's a strong sense of unity, and we've kind of created a little community. 

O C T O B E R 

My birthday! The 1st was my birthday, and I was thrown the most smashing party by the girls in the flat upstairs, who are now my best friends. The rest of the month was spent getting into uni life. I joined the stunt cheer team, which I absolutely love. I missed a lot of lectures and seminars, which I definitely wouldn't recommend, but hopefully for my second semester I'll have learnt my lesson. The month ended on a very low low, but perked up again by beginning of November.

Me, Natalie, Paula (and Jess in spirit)

N O V E M B E R 

Not much happened here - more uni, more parties, more drinking, more spending my loan on makeup and clothes. But on the 15th, Ben and I finally got together officially, and we've basically just spent the rest of the year being really loved up.

Paula, the love of my life


A bittersweet month. On the one hand, it's been amazing, because of Christmas, and Ben and I went on an amazing trip to London, where was saw the Book of Mormon and went to Winter Wonderland. But it's also been really shitty - I've seen a lot of very low lows this month. Plus, Paula, one of my best friends, moved back to America. She was an exchange student in our building, who was literally the sweetest, funniest, perfect little ray of sunshine. It's going to be so weird without her!!

 I'm determined that now it's 2016, I'm not going to let the winter blues I've been experiencing follow me here. I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for me. Hopefully I can actually stick to my resolutions too, which are as follows:

  • Drink more water
  • Say yes more + take care of my mental health
  • Be fit and join the gym
  • Have a more minimalist lifestyle (and wardrobe)
  • Blog consistently 
I hope you've all had a swell 2015, and I'd love to hear your resolutions!

- Charlie CP xx


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  2. I'm really happy that you had lots of amazing moments in the past year. Don't worry about the bad ones, because that's just how life works. Really happy tho you and Ben are official. ��
    Hope you will have amazing year. Xx

    Amela xx bonjouramela.blogspot.com

    1. Aww thank you so much. This comment means a lot to me <3 Hope you do too! xx