Tuesday, 15 September 2015

I've kind of gone off drugstore beauty at the moment - I feel like I've tried everything? And thus I've kind of gone off beauty altogether, since I can't really afford loads of new high end products every other week...but in an attempt to get back into the swing of things, I headed into my local boots to browse the skincare and get a new primer. And apparently a new lipstick and hair product. Because you never go into Boots and come out with exactly what you wanted.

The first product I bought was the Maybelline Colour Drama pencil in the shade 'Berry Much' (swatched above) because, like every makeup maven, I'm looking for the perfect fall shades. However, like the lipstick I bought in my H&M haul, it's a bit too dark for me! I've got a few of these pencils already though, and I really like the formula and wearability of them, especially for the price (£4.99). If you haven't tried any, I definitely recommend them - although they don't have many shades, maybe with more purchases they'll increase the range and we'll have a new affordable lip staple!

I have been surviving without a primer for like two months - and I use the term 'surviving' loosely. To put it bluntly, my foundation has just looked like absolute crap. But finally I have something to prep my face properly with and I am soo happy. I tried the Revlon Photoready Prime + Anti Shine (£9.99) because it's caught my eye a few times and I usually love Revlon. It's a balm, which sounds cool but makes for difficult comes with a little sponge which just gets filthy and gross within a couple of uses, so I tend to apply it with my fingers, which takes longer. It also really stinks. Like really stinks. I can't put my finger on it, but it's a bit like mouldy hairspray, if hairspray went mouldy. I sound like a right Debbie Downer ("This sponge is ghastly! My face smells funny!") but I am just giving you my honest opinion - all the cons aside, it's a decent primer and it's a lot better than nothing. Plus, once you've got your foundation on, you can't smell it. Or maybe other people can, and you've just gotten used to it. Food for thought!

SKINCARE. My new thing. My new obsession. I'm trying out a lot of Soap & Glory stuff at the moment, and Boots had a 3 for 2 on so I picked up these. Pictured top left is my new moisturiser, the All-Day Super Moisture Marvel. It's made for dry/dehydrated skin and plumps the surface of your face as well as locking in moisture, and I really like it. It also smells really lovely - it says on the packaging that it's watermelon, but it smells more like Terry's Chocolate Orange! I also love that the packaging feels really good and luxe, especially for £13.

Pictured at the bottom is the No Clogs Allowed Deep Pore Detox Mask (£11.50). I've only used this once, as it's a once per week thing, but it felt really good on my skin - you rub it in, and it gets warm, then you wet your hands and rub it in a bit more and leave it for 5 minutes, wash it off and your skin feels really fresh. I woke up with a few more spots the next day which I think is a good pores should be cleaned out now. 

I also got the Fab Pore mask (£10) for the T-Zone and I think I used to have this in older packaging a few years ago - it smells exactly the same. It did a good job at shrinking my pores back then, and hopefully will do the same now once I get a chance to use it!

Finally, I got this Bleach London Swamp Spritz to add texture to your hair, but this is a miss for me. It doesn't really do anything except make my hair stick together and it smells like cologne. Short and sweet review there.

Thanks for reading! Have you tried any of these?

Charlie CP xx


  1. All of the Soap & Glory products sound great, I haven't tried many of their skincare products after a bad experience with a moisturiser so I think I'll give it a second chance and try these out! xo

    1. Omg no way! Which moisturiser?! What happened!!

  2. Great haul, I love S&G products so the ones you have bought sound incredible, and I deffo need to go out and purchase them!!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. I just moved out into uni and found a load more stashed away hehe they have a great range! x

  3. Great post, I can never go into Boots and come out with one item.. haha no matter how hard I try! The lipstick is such a pretty colour, perfect for Autumn XX

    The Fashion Road

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