Saturday, 11 July 2015

Some of you may know, at the beginning of the month, I went on a much needed little holiday to Prague. I went with my best friend Char, as we'd recently read a book together set in the city and thought it seemed like a beautiful place, so we wanted to check it out to celebrate her finishing Uni (and she graduated with a 2:1 so congratulations to her!!!) and me finishing my exams.

 D A Y  O N E 

I've never really been abroad much, and we were doing this trip on the cheap (as we are students after all!) but I couldn't resist dressing up (at 1 in the morning), and wore a grey top from Primark, with split sides, high waisted black skinny jeans from New Look, black strappy sandals with a slight heel from New Look, and accessorised with my new Topshop bag, a rose gold watch from Next (no longer sold) and a gold Freedom jewellery necklace - as well as my snazzy little suitcase, found here.

We travelled from Stansted with Ryanair, who we'd heard have been really strict with what you can/can't take on the plane and the size of your hand luggage, but we had no problems (which was a relief for me, as I was terrified they'd make me chuck away one of my lipsticks or a palette!).

The flight was quite short and when we landed in Prague we were so surprised at the clear blue skies, as it'd been raining (typically) in England when we'd left. In the airport, we were a bit overwhelmed with what to do next, as we'd only really planned as much as getting on the we stopped for a Subway. Very adventurous. After, we got the airport bus to the train station, and from there, a taxi to our hostel. Even from the bus/car windows we could see Prague was literally stunning, and I was so excited to start exploring once we'd left our luggage at the hostel!

Now seems like a good time to praise the hostel - we stayed at Hostel One in Žižkov, and like literally every building in Prague, it was huge. It was really clean and spacious, and the staff were so welcoming, friendly, and helpful - I never wanted to leave. I'd heard some horror stories about hostel stays before, but this was literally just like staying in a nice hotel, with a bit more of a social side to it. The hostel had a shared kitchen, a garden, a lounge area, a computer room, and its own bar. It was filled with many travellers who Char and I made friends with and most of my fondest memories from the trip involve them (and alcohol). Plus, our room was amazing. We walked in later on the first day, and were shocked - it had its own kitchen and fridge, two beds, then a loft area with two more, and an ensuite. We thought we'd paid for a bog standard ensuite private double room and figured the hostel had given us the wrong one, but nope! It was all ours.

Our room, ft. Char.

Anyway - I've gotten ahead of myself - before we actually checked in and saw our room though, we decided to explore the local shops in search of food and bare essentials we didn't bring on the flight, like deodorant, whilst we waited for our room to be ready. It was really fun just getting to know the neighbourhood, and Prague is super cheap, so we got a lot for our money!

The street our hostel was on.

Once we went back to the hostel and checked into our room, in true Char and Char style, we had a nap. We'd been up since 1am. Don't judge us.

When we finally woke up, we went out into the garden, drank beer, met other travellers (there was this guy and a girl who we assumed had known each other years - later we found out they'd met the day before, gone skydiving together, and then were going off to Slovenia with each other the next day!), and ate free pancakes. It surprised me that so many people travelled alone, or travelled without set plans, and it made me super excited for when I properly travel Europe. When the bar opened, we headed down there and played a fair few drinking games etc...I'll spare you my drunken escapades!

D A Y  T W O 

My favourite OOTD! Top is from ASOS, shorts are vintage Levi's from UO, and the shoes are from Public Desire!

The next morning we got up early and decided to make the most of our day. So we headed into town, went to the Palladium shopping centre, where I bought some really nice trousers, and found a Sephora. I was so shocked. I couldn't believe the Czech Republic got Sephora before the UK. But I was totally in heaven in there, although I didn't buy much except a vanilla eau de toilette and a shower puff squishy thing you wash with (words escape me) because I was worried about getting it home. The Palladium was really nice and classy, definitely would recommend for any shopaholics visiting the city.

Because you've never seen a Sephora before...

From there, we went to Old Town Square, which was beautiful. We waited there for about an hour, just soaking up the sun and sights, before embarking on a three hour walking tour of the city. We were the only two people on the tour, and our guide, Michelle, was so lovely and informative. She took us across the Charles Bridge and up to the Strahov Monastery and the castle, showing us other important sights along the way. She gave us such a good overview of Prague's history and it was so interesting - I'm doing a history degree next year so I was aaaaall about hearing what had happened in the city. It was so bloody hot though, like, my face was just melting off. I want to move to Australia as well, and I just don't know how I'd manage if I couldn't cut it in 35 degree heat!!

Old Town Square

Inside the castle.

After that, we were suitably drained, and went back to the hostel for another nap, before getting drunk again and going to a nightclub called Roxy. It was pretty much the same as British clubbing, except cheaper drinks and you could smoke on the dancefloor. Bit dodgy, not gonna lie. Everyone was just getting burned by other people's fags. Still hilarious though.

D A Y  T H R E E 

When you don't know what to do with your legs...ASOS dress and Topshop bag!

Friday morning we awoke very hungover. But it was our last full day, so we wanted to go to the museum of communism as well as the John Lennon Wall. Spoiler alert: we did neither of those things. We tried. We really tried. We print screened directions at the hostel, then when we got to where we thought the museum should be, we couldn't find it, so sat in McDonald's, taking advantage of the free wifi. Yet we still couldn't find it. So we got on the trams to find the Wall, and again, got to where we thought it was. Walked around for another hour. NOTHING. We eventually gave up as it was getting late and we were boiling - but it wasn't a waste at all. Funnily enough, just exploring the city and seeing how pretty everything was was enough to make the last day worth it!

Then we napped. This is so embarrassing. It didn't seem bad at the time, but now I'm writing it and it's like oh, all I did on holiday was nap. Then we got drunk again. We were celebrating okay?! And this is the night I smashed my new iPhone 6. I literally cried in the middle of drunk Jenga.

Our flight was at 10am, and we wanted to get there early, so we basically pulled an all nighter and headed to the airport in the morning. Probably one of the best bits of the holiday was checking out - it was like 7am and most of the hostel was just hanging about downstairs, on the come down from the night they'd had, and this guy from Sweden (who we aptly called Sweden) had a guitar and was singing and it was just a perfect end to a perfect holiday.

All in all, this was a super sweet taster for the travels I want to do after uni, and was one of the best experiences of my life. It's hard to capture it all in a blog post, but there were so many laughs and amazing memories (here we go getting mushy) and ugh. Words can't even describe. Prague is beautiful and awesome and you have to visit at some point!

Charlie x

P.S sorry for being so absent. It's been a rough few months. But Prague has gotten me my mojo back!
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