Thursday, 28 May 2015

I was in Asda a few nights ago picking up a few notepads for revision, and obviously, I couldn't resist having a peek in the beauty aisle. These colour correctors caught my eye and I had to test them out - I've been looking for colour correctors for a while, but I'm used to only seeing them in high end palettes. So, I wanted to test firstly if they actually work, and secondly if the stick format is just a gimmick!

The Product

This products comes in six shades, although my Asda counter only had three - the third being a highlight. I didn't pick this up as I have many highlighters and these were £8.99 a piece! They also have a purple and peach shade, and another highlighter. They are relatively new products as far as I'm aware!

First Impressions

Both sticks swatch really creamily and felt quite thick. They don't have an odours or anything and blended really easily on my hand. Plus, they're clearly quite pigmented which I took as a good sign.

In Use

I applied these with my fingers and blended them out onto my under eye circles (yellow) and a few minor blemishes (green) after prepping and priming my skin. I used the pointed Real Techniques foundation brush to blend the green stick on my nose as it's very very very red naturally, like I might as well be wearing Mac's Ruby Woo...on my nose. 

The yellow stick worked really well in the sense that it didn't cling or crease as many under eye products do, but I found I had to apply it again after my foundation and then blend it quite a lot to avoid it looking yellow as well as ensuring it did actually cover my circles. It wore quite well throughout the day too, and I'd definitely use this in my day to day routine.

The green stick...this was a miss for me. It didn't really do anything and just blended out into nothingness. Except on my nose, where it clung to every tiny bit of dry skin I could possibly have and just made me look really flaky. 


Overall I do feel these products are quite gimmicky - I don't like the crayon format, but I guess it makes them handy for those on the go! I'll still be on the lookout for more colour correctors especially as the warmer months come up - I usually only wear medium-high coverage foundation as naturally my skin is very blemish prone and uneven, but in summer this gets a bit much and I'd love to be able to get a good light coverage/BB cream to wear with colour correctors! But, the yellow one will do for now, and I'll give the green another try another day!

What're your favourite colour correcting products?

Charlie x


Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Firstly, let me just apologise for my absence! I've been really busy this month with revision...and exams haven't even started yet. But I've managed to find a bit of spare time to write a post, and I should be back into blogging regularly from now on (it's my reward for when I do lots of revision!) 

Today I want to talk about how I prep my face before makeup - I've always had a lot of problems with my skin and found that many foundations just don't sit nicely on it or cling to all my dry bits, but now I've experimented with my morning routines, I've found one that works for me. It usually takes longer than doing my actual makeup...but hey, that's the price you pay for having good skin!

Usually, I'll have just gotten out of the shower and cleansed my face, so I'll put up my hair in the clip (£2.99 from New Look) and get cracking. 

My favourite step, and arguably the most important, is toning. I use this Lush Tea Tree Water toner (£4.95 for 100g or £7.95 for 250g) and I absolutely adore it. It does recommend spritzing it directly on your face but I just find that far too daunting - I hate spraying products in my face!! So instead, I squirt it onto a cotton wool pad and gently wipe it over my face. Instantly, I feel refreshed and my skin feels hydrated. As well as toning my skin, the product provides benefits as it is antibacterial and helps to combat spots. Toner is really important in your skincare routine as it helps to even out your skin and reduce oiliness as it helps to repair your skin's surface after cleansing.

I then apply a little of this Clinique serum, which is actually a sample I received (I'll be buying the full size version when it runs out though) from a magazine this month. Serum seems a bit daunting at first, and it's step that many people miss out, often because they don't really know what a 'serum' is. Basically, a serum is essentially just a lightweight moisturiser which goes deeper into your skin and evens out your it out and often makes pores appear smaller. Using a serum is not essential in your daily routine - if you're on the go, faffing about with yet another product can be time consuming. But if you want to go that extra mile and make your makeup even more flawless, you should definitely give serum a go!

I then moisturise with this Vitamin E Body Shop moisturiser (£11) which is pretty self explanatory - everyone has to moisturise! I think moisturisers work differently for everyone, so I could recommend this until the cows come home but it might not do anything for your skin...I find it works for me though, as I've had incredibly dry skin on my nose and chin recently, and it's cleared those patches right up. I've heard it's a bestseller too, so if you're definitely looking for a new product, try this!

When all of these products have absorbed (it usually takes 2-3 minutes each), I then apply my L'oreal primer (£7.99) which makes my makeup long lasting, reduces the size of my pores, and evens out the surface of my skin, giving it one final boost.

Whilst I'm waiting for my primer to settle, I'll apply a little of my Lush lip scrub (£5.50), partly because I want luscious smooth lips, and partly because I really really really like licking it off.

When that's all done, I'll go ahead with whatever makeup routine I'm feeling for that day!

I hope this post has been helpful, and I'd love to hear your skincare product recommendations!


Friday, 1 May 2015 over? I literally can't believe it, like, I know practically every 'favourites' posts starts with some kind of dismay over the month ending...but like I said. I literally can't believe it. Or maybe it's a case of not wanting to believe it - May is a baaaaad month for those still in education. I dread this time next month when I'll be writing my May Favourites as exams will be in full swing!!
Anyway, let's get on to what I've been loving this week...

First is a Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Sugar and Spice which I hauled here

I use the top two right shades as a blush and highlight on a daily basis now - they're perfect for spring! I tried to swatch them but they didn't show on camera - they just give a light touch of colour to your face which looks incredibly natural.

In the same haul, I picked up this L'oreal Paris Infallible Matte Primer, and it's really nice on the skin, without feeling like a thick layer of silicone. It also helps my foundation stay in place for longer. It's not the most amazing primer ever, but it really does the job for the price (£7.99) and as I've been loving using it, it had to be a favourite!

This Bondi Sands fake tan is amazing. I talked about it in detail here, but please. It's just amazing.

I also hauled this eyeliner earlier this month, and it's become a spring/summer staple. I love using it on my waterline and inner corners to subtly make my eyes appear bigger and brighten up any eyeshadow look. It's really good value as well! You definitely need one in your collection.

Moving away from makeup, I finished this book very early on in April, I think. My friend bought it for me as she picked it up when we were together and loved it, so ordered me a copy. Surprise surprise, I loved it too. It's a YA fantasy, but it's not...wishy-washy? I don't know. It's got really dark themes (such as trading of teeth!!) and is about humans and chimeras and just...awesome stuff. It's set in Prague, and we loved it so much we're hoping to go this July! The main character is also a really great girl who's unlike your average female protagonist, so it's nice to have a bit of variety.

This necklace is from Primark and I've been loving it. It's a really simple yet effective design and I wear it with basically everything. The only downside is it's obviously not going to last forever as it was so cheap - but Primark have some great jewellery at the moment so I doubt it'll be hard to find a replacement!

Finally...these shoes. These shoes are my life. I love them so much. I bought them a few months ago from New Look in the sale for £7 which is an amazing bargain. They're a really versatile piece. I won't lie, they're not overly comfortable, but I do love wearing them, and they're quite easy to walk in. I love ankle boots at the moment, and these cutouts give them a more open and spring/summer appropriate look!

Do we have any favourites in common this month?

Charlie x