Thursday, 2 April 2015

I can't believe April is here already. I wasn't going to write a favourites post this month because I didn't think there was much beauty things I'd been loving, but I sat down and had a think and came up with these!

Firstly, my absolute favourite is these shoes from New Look. They're from the premium range, as they're made from real leather, and they have a velvet ankle strap and a mirror on the inside of the heel. I got these in the sale so they were a bargain, and I love them so much! I won't lie, they're not comfy in the slightest, but they're definitely versatile, and a little different with the mirror detail. If you follow my instagram, you'll see I kind of have a shoe obsession, so me ranking these as my favourites is kind of a big deal.

I have two face washes as my next favourites - one is by Neutrogena and is their daily scrub, one is by the Body Shop. I use the daily scrub on my T-Zone and on my chin, as this is where I'm most prone to spots every other day, and then the tea tree oil all over everyday, as it's really soothing on the skin and has helped fight breakouts!

My one beauty favourite is the Max Factor Colour Elixir lip crayon, which I wrote a whole post about here

I love the Maybelline Colour Show nail polish in white, and the L'oreal Paris nail duo in the shade 'Irresistible Bonbon' as they are both really pale colours that go with everything. The gel polish that comes with the L'oreal duo is amazing! It smoothes my nails out and makes them look professionally done, so I'd definitely recommend picking one of those up.

The Clinique Rinse Off Cleanser I have is only travel sized, but it's so lovely to use in the bath because it's so creamy! I definitely want to pick up the full size one when I've run out.

I watched Gone Girl this weekend and I was so engrossed in the film, hence its place on this list. I enjoyed the acting as it was amazing, but as for the story...I love domestic noir as a genre, but I hated the ending of the film, and I didn't enjoy Amy being both a representation of misogyny and misandry; it was a bit odd and offensive. However, it really made me think and stay with me, and it is an enjoyable watch, in the way that Lolita is an enjoyable read, if you get what I mean.

My last favourite should technically be an April favourite since I started reading it yesterday...but whatever. The Smoke Is Rising is Mahesh Rao's debut novel, set in India and it's all a bit weird and confusing, but for some reason, it's definitely working, and I'm super engrossed in the story already. Plus, it has a beautiful cover.

Thanks for reading! Do we have any favourites in common? 
- Charlie

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