B E A U T Y S N I P P E T: Collection Spring Lipsticks

Thursday, 9 April 2015

I absolutely love all the new spring makeup that is hitting the shops right now! Since I'm still waiting for payday though, I've only managed to pick up a couple of bits, so I thought I'd briefly share my thoughts on the Collection lipsticks!

(Excuse my patchy tattoo - had it touched up the day after I took this!)

I believe there are only three shades of these lipsticks, and I picked up shades 1 & 2 ('Pink Rose' and 'Tulip'). Both are matte and really pigmented without being drying on the lips, which is great. They're super affordable too, so definitely a hit in my books - even though you do have to reapply every few hours as they aren't super long lasting. My only problem is that the pink shade was far too pink for me, it looked really odd. It would suit someone with a darker skin tone though and make quite a bold beautiful lip!

How's spring makeup treating you?

Charlie x

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