Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Hi everyone! For today's post, I thought I'd do a belated Primark Haul. These pictures have been sitting on my camera for a week now, so I do apologise!

Last Sunday, as it was Mother's Day, Mum and I went down to London for the day. We went to Westfield for some shopping, Oxford Street, and the Natural History Museum, which I might post a photo post of later! I couldn't resist going into the Oxford Street Primark, and was so glad I did! Whilst I didn't buy any clothes, I noticed how much more organised/civilised it was in comparison to my local Norwich store, and it was actually a fun place to shop. 

As you can see, I picked up a lot of jewellery. I went a little manic due to the low prices (everything was under a fiver) and started chucking whatever I liked into my basket. But Primark is definitely a good place to stock up on jewellery before summer. I love other high street brand jewellery, but I find it's all kind of the same, and usually much more expensive in other shops, so it's easier to just buy it in Primark!

I also picked up this adorable little purse for £3. It's not big enough for everyday use, but I bought it with the intention of slipping it into my clutches on nights out, and it works perfectly for that, as I found out this weekend! 

You can also see creeping into this picture the accessory hanger I bought for 99p! It's just a simple hanger with a few more hooks on it so you can hang multiple things on it...if that makes sense. It's currently hanging on the back of my door as a home to lots of necklaces, so I don't forget to put one on before I go out!

I picked up this large white bag too, which was definitely a steal for £10. It came with a longer strap too, which is handy, and I like wearing it in my arm or on my shoulder. It's really spacious inside, very simple, and a great thing to have when you're going out for a day/travelling/need a bit more than usual.

Finally...onto the makeup! I've never tried any of the makeup from Primark, so I couldn't resist picking up a few pieces. I got the blusher in the shade Fuschia, which is not very pigmented, but that doesn't really matter to me - although it's not as bright as I thought, I have pale skin so it just adds a little colour to my face, which I like as well. I haven't tried the lipliner yet, but it did seem to smudge a little when I swatched it, but for £1, you can't really go wrong.
The only disappointment here was the matte lipstick I bought, which didn't seem to have a shade (?). It applied really patchily to my lips and just didn't look nice at all.

Oh, and when I said the only disappointment...I kind of lied. My final purchase was this daytime eyeshadow palette, and silly me didn't open it in store because there was already one open that I saw. So, I didn't realise it was slightly broken. Unfortunately, I couldn't exchange it at my local store either, as they had none left, so I swapped it for a bra instead!

That's it for my Primark haul. Let me know how you've gotten on with their makeup range!

- Charlie x


  1. That blusher does look gorgeous- I cannot believe it was only a £1 x


    1. It surprised me too! It's really big too!!