Monday, 9 March 2015

I know we're well into March now, but I really wanted to kick off my blog with a few favourites! I've been trying a lot of new products in 2015 and trying to step out of my comfort zone, and it's definitely paid off. So without further adieu, here are my F E B R U A R Y  F A V O U R I T E S.

I've never really been into skincare, but after receiving a few items for Christmas, I decided it was time for me to really get into it. I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more of the things I've tried in the months to come, but for February, the products that I really found great were the Clinique All About Eyes eye cream and Soap and Glory Bright Here, Bright Now moisturiser.
I'll start with the moisturiser, as it's the first thing I apply in the mornings. I use it as a primer, because I have yet to find a primer that I feel like actually does something to my face (suggestions welcome) and now I visibly see the difference between the way my foundation looks with and without the moisturiser. Like most women, I suffer from ridiculously dry skin in the winter months and this is really helping to combat that, and at an affordable price. The one downside for me is the smell - I'm not a fan of the S&G traditional scent. For some reason, it always reminds me of the Mean Girls thing where they made Regina's face smells like a foot. My face smells like a foot. I'm Regina when I wear S&G stuff.

As for the Clinique eye cream, I got a sample of this for Christmas - my mum bought me a Clinique nail polish and it came with a ton of free, deluxe sized samples which she gave me as well. I liked it so much that I immediately bought the full sized product (and then got another bunch of free samples with that order). I love this in the mornings because it's so cooling on my eyes and helps me to wake up at the crack of dawn without looking like I've woken up at the crack of dawn. If you know what I mean. A little goes a long way with this product too, so although it's £26 which is quite expensive, it's definitely worth it.

My next favourite is the Naked On the Run palette which I bought in December and haven't stopped loving since. I love everything about this palette, but I use the contour, blush and highlight everyday. My absolute favourite piece from the kit is the 24/7 eyeliner in the shade 'Stag' because it's a gorgeous colour - it's not too dark for the waterline - and it doesn't smudge at all. The downsides of the palette are probably the mascara and the random pink shade of eyeshadow - I'd much rather a champagne colour in its place, and I don't really get along with the mascara, but for travel, I can bear using it just because taking the little kit around with me is so handy. The lipgloss is a perfect 'your lips but better shade' and over all, this palette is great. 

I picked this Max Factor lipstick in the shade 'Rosewood' up at the end of February, but I had to include it on these favourites because I adore it. I've always been a fan of the formula of these lipsticks, I find them super creamy and pigmented, as well as long lasting. I love most of the shades in the range, but my absolute favourite is 'Bewitching Coral' - unfortunately, it's more of a summer shade though, so I had to pick up something a little darker. And okay, I'll admit it - I bought this because I've been binge watching Pretty Little Liars and come on, the shade is called 'Rosewood'. I had to have it.

 I've never really been into haircare and stuff. That's been more of my mum's thing, but she picked up the Paul Mitchell Lite Detangler & Heat Seal for me for Christmas, so I thought, why not give them a shot? They're pretty basic products, but they've kind of changed my life. After using the heat seal, my hair's been in much better condition, and the detangler is a life saver. I have extremely knotty hair that just gets tangled up so bad that even when I use my tangle teezer to diffuse it, it just goes frizzy. I don't mind the Hermione Granger circa Philosopher's Stone look, but I'd prefer something more...Emma Watson circa right now as she becomes the future Queen of England. Anyway, back to my actual point, the detangler does what it says on the bottle - it detangles, and that's why it's a favourite.


Finally, I had to include this cat eye mask. I got it from Tiger. I love Tiger. We recently got one in Norwich, and I'd heard so much about it that I just had to go in. I didn't expect them to carry such a range of products and for such affordable prices, and I just fell in love with everything. I was literally throwing things into my basket like a maniac ("Oh! A tiny pink rabbit? WHO DOESN'T NEED THIS?!") and the eye mask was one of the more useful things I chose. It's pretty self-explanatory really though, right? So I won't delve into the ins and outs of how an eye mask works. Just...go to Tiger. Become a sleeping kitten. 

Thank you all for reading this, do we have any favourites in common? Anyone else go on berserk rampages in Tiger? I need to know about it.
- Charlie x

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