H I G H L I G H T E R S 1 0 1: Powder or Liquid?

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Highlighters are amazing. I think we can all agree on that. But there are different types which are well...different. Even eyeshadows can work well (hence the sneak in of the Naked 3 Palette). So, which is it? Which is best?
The answer's different for everyone, but my personal recommendation is...both.

Liquid highlighter can be a bit daunting at first - there's always the danger that you'll put on too much, or that it'll look like you've got random patches of white skin, but once you've figured out the right amount (usually about 3 small dots on the top of your cheekbone coming down to level with the centre of your eye). Some people are a bit wary of it because they have oily skin, but don't be! There are ways to work around it.

Personally, I like to use liquid highlighter on my cheekbones as stated above. I use either the Benefit High Beam or All Over Glow by Topshop (both pictured), which is a new favourite of mine, and blend it out with a Real Techniques buffing brush. I then dot a little above my Cupid's bow and blend it down, and a little in the dip/centre of my chin.

Then, to avoid looking too oily, I switch to powder highlighter, usually using the Urban Decay highlighter from the Naked: On the Run palette, but the Sleek contour kit is a good dupe. I use this down the centre of my nose and above my eyebrows with a Real Techniques contour brush. This illuminates my face, without making it look oily or too metallic, like it does if I were to use liquid highlighters there.

Finally, if I'm feeling really fancy, I'll use the Naked 3 palette shade 'Strange' on the bridge of my nose and under my eyebrows. Then I'll open and close the palette a few hundred times because the sound it makes is so satisfying.

Maybe I'm just a highlighter junkie, but I think my routine genuinely justifies buying both types - and it keeps my skin looking fresh, bright, and dewy, which is exactly what I want going into Spring!

I hope you enjoyed today's post, and comment down below on what your highlighter preferences are!

- Charlie


  1. Have you tried The Balm's Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter? If not, YOU NEED IT IN YOUR LIFE! X

    1. I haven't?! I haven't tried anything by The Balm actually but if there's a great highlighter I'm definitely gonna check it out!! xx

  2. I really like the becca highlighters. I also have watts up by benefit which is good too. I have yet to find a highlighter that is my holy grail so I'm still on the lookout! I'm trying Mac next!


    1. Never tried either of those! But right, the my holy grail highlighter is my most sought after product atm. I love highlighters!! Let me know how you get on x

  3. Ooh I love liquid highlights best! I am loving the MUA undress your skin liquid highlight in 'Champagne' at the moment .. and its only £4!

  4. Atm, I'm really loving Mary-Lou & Watts Up by Benefit. Both amazing at giving you an amazing glow!